Newspaper Guild units representing employees of Sun-Times Media Group papers are voting Wednesday evening on what Chicago Newspaper Guild president Lynne Stiefel calls a “complete package.” It’s an exceptionally hard-to-swallow set of contract concessions demanded by financier Jim Tyree if his investment group is to buy the assets of the bankrupt STMG, but it does see sees Tyree cutting the guild a tiny amount of slack after days of intense meetings between the guild and STMG management.

Here’s the Sun-Times report of this agreement.

The new package has already been approved by the guild unit at the Lake County News-Sun, which rejected Tyree’s original demands by a vote of 12 to 4.

With the guild’s blessing, however reluctantly given, Tyree’s investment group, the only bidder in a bankruptcy court auction, is expected to be announced Thursday as the new owner of the STMG.