The Predatorgate coverup divides those conservatives who actually believe in their values from those who value only power. The long-term question remains: has the unnatural marriage between big business and fundamentalist Christians finally begun to unravel?




  • Conservative Chicago blogger Tom Roeser has met Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, and he describes them as “so medieval, laced with mindless staccato biblical quotes, that they richly deserve the opprobrium. When he was running for president, Robertson told me about a terrific storm that was headed for his mammoth television studio in Virginia Beach. He said he knelt down to pray and the storm detoured and took out a third of Front Royal. Anyone who believes God acts that way . . . that he is on such a wavelength with almighty God . . . and that by force of his prayer can redirect a storm to hit innocent people (God being convinced Robertson is worth more than they) is a nut-bar . . . which unfortunately threatens to hold all Protestant evangelicalism to be held in disrepute.” There’s more.


  • The Progressive States Network sees this long-standing geologic fault within conservatism start to move and shake: “An example was former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey, saying last week that ‘James Dobson and his gang of thugs are real nasty bullies,’ labeling the Focus on the Family leader as engaging in ‘high demagoguery.’ Since Armey is now President of FreedomWorks, one of the key corporate-backed lobbying groups in D.C. and in statehouses around the country, this is a serious declaration of war between previous political allies.” More.