The City Council may gather for a special session this Wednesday thanks to aldermen Joe Moore (49th), Willie Cochran (20th), and Ricardo Munoz (22nd)—but the meeting could also turn out to be a complete bust and political embarrassment.

The trio wants the council to take a vote on Mayor Daley’s plan to restructure the city’s street-sweeping system, a move he can legally make without approval from aldermen. Under Daley’s plan, starting April 1—the day after the special session—street sweepers will patrol the city according to a new grid system that the mayor claims will cut costs. Gone will be the days when each ward has its own street sweeper overseen by the ward’s alderman and Streets & San superintendent. Moore, Cochran, and Munoz argue the change will hurt the quality of street sweeping, and they want the City Council to have a say in the matter.

But the vote could be kicked to the curb.