Fresh off Chuck Inglish’s Twitter: the new Cool Kids mix tape. The title, Tacklebox, is apparently a reference to their previous mix tape, Gone Fishing, but from the first few tracks (I’m still on my first spin through it) it seems like a significantly more focused and centered effort, with production that maintains the duo’s dedication to minimalist boom but expands their sonics in ways that suggest they’ve made the transition from retro to next-generation (sci-fi keyboards, finely chopped guitar licks, unidentifiable clicks and rumbles in the beat). “So Neat” even has an R & B-chick hook, which is standard issue for most hip-hop but for the Cool Kids is sort of mind-blowing. It looks like Tacklebox is going to join T.I.’s Fuck a Mixtape and Jeezy’s Trap or Die 2 in the mix-tape takeover of my iPod time.