Considering Lil Wayne’s beyond-bonkers release schedule—he puts out tracks and mix tapes more often than most of us brush our teeth—it’s surprising that everyone isn’t completely burnt out on the guy. But he still lights up the blogosphere every time he moves, and that’s a good thing for Chicago rappers the Cool Kids. They just got tapped by DJ Benzi (site may be NSFW, depending on how thong-friendly your work is) to jump on a Weezy track for his upcoming album, and the song’s already making waves. It’s a low-level burner, an early favorite for the “Funkiest Cowbell Usage” and “Most Handclappy Song” Grammys. And with their confident flow and breezy disses—”Say your ABC’s / Not ‘Ay Bay Bay'”—the Cool Kids hold their own against the “Greatest Rapper in the World,” setting the stage for some major moves in the future.

My suggestion: follow it up with a Web-generated duet with R. Kelly through the (shudder) “Double Up with R. Kelly” sing-along contest.