Matt Smerge, back at his spot before Wednesday's game Credit: Deanna Isaacs

One small consolation at this week’s National League Championship games: Chicago Baseball publisher Matt Smerge and his team in the mustard-yellow shirts were back on the sidewalks adjacent to Wrigley Field, hawking their alternative Cubs program, as they have through a slog of dreary seasons that preceded this year’s delirium. 

In the latest chapter of a continuing struggle, the city had forced them out of the public way just as the postseason got started.

That left only official Cubs vendors next to the stadium.

But on Monday, Smerge’s Left Field Media won a federal court injunction that prevented the city from moving him and his vendors across the street while his free-speech lawsuit, challenging two city ordinances, is on appeal.

“I’m known as a depressive winner,” Smerge’s attorney Mark Weinberg said Wednesday of the preliminary victory, “but this time, I was thrilled.” Weinberg and his cocounsel will present their case to the appellate court next month.

He’s optimistic about the final decision, which, like a Cubs World Series, could be in place next year.