Transforming Chicago into a fashion capital was a pet project of Daley’s over the last several years, part and parcel of his plan to burnish the city’s image across the globe. He created the Fashion Advisory Council, made up of movers and shakers in the fashion community, and appointed Melissa Gamble as the first-ever Director of Fashion Arts & Events to oversee initiatives such as Fashion Focus Chicago. However, Gamble stepped down from her post in May, we’re into the second week of September and the full schedule of Fashion Focus has yet to be announced, and of course Daley, the driver of all this, won’t be around much longer. How Daley’s replacement will deal with Chicago’s fashion scene is one of the many uncertainties swirling around his decision not to run for reelection. According to the Chicago Office of Tourism, Gamble’s responsibilities have been divided among several people and there is no information available as to when or if Daley will appoint someone to replace her.

Of course, Daley’s decision isn’t the only one affecting the continued support of local fashion—the city faces a projected deficit of $655 million next year, and big fashion shows in Millennium Park aren’t cheap.