• Gorilla Tango Theatre
  • The cast of Bikini Shakespeare’s production of The Tempest

You wouldn’t normally think of Shakespeare and bikinis (and Speedos) as things that would naturally go together. And yet Bikini Shakespeare’s production of The Tempest, which opened at Gorilla Tango Theatre (1919 N. Milwaukee) last Thursday night, and which will run Thursdays at 9 PM through 4/25, is the actual Shakespeare play, condensed into a hour, performed by actors in bikinis (and Speedos).

This is actually the second Bikini Shakespeare production; the first, Much Ado About Nothing, ran last summer.

Surely, surely, there must be a Deep Hidden Meaning behind this, some sort of radical new interpretation or a bold artistic statement about the nature of clothed and unclothed and exposed flesh in the depths of winter. (Or so goes the mind of the former English major, trained as it is to extract those Deep Hidden Meanings and expound upon them in three-to-five-page increments.)