Talk about the “virtue of selfishness” was moderately amusing before it was turned into turgid books, and now, flaming megalomania. The Ayn Rand Institute objects to our selling weapons to Saudi Arabia because we are unknowingly the Masters of the Universe:

“In response to both the Saudi threat and the Iranian threat, our response is not self-assertion, but self-sacrifice. When Saudi Arabia spreads a terrorist ideology around the world, we do not punish that regime, we punish ourselves by rejecting the lifeblood of our civilization [they mean oil]. And when Iran unleashes even more terrorist aggression, we do not destroy that regime, we imperil ourselves by arming our Saudi enemies and hoping it will somehow protect us…

“America, the most moral and most powerful nation on earth, has both the right and the ability to end state sponsorship of terrorism. But we will not be able to do so until we abandon our addiction, not to oil, but to the morality of self-sacrifice.”

You can read the whole thing here, but it’s all delusional. The author, Alex Epstein, is described as a “junior fellow” at the ARI, which seems about right. Judging from this text, he might be about 14.