An ancient carved limestone reptile with a robotic female voice narrates a search on Brian Springer’s family’s Missouri farm for artifacts that also include the lost diary of 19th-century anarchist Kate Austin, a pot of 16th-century Spanish gold, and Civil War silver, in Ohio filmmaker Springer’s 2007 documentary The Disappointment: Or, the Force of Credulity.

“Brian Springer’s bizarre documentary The Disappointment: Or, the Force of Credulity, which crams a surplus of ideas into 70 brief, often head-scratching minutes, is, among many things, a treatise on how history is passed along, altered and sometimes lost through archaeological findings,” Laura Kern wrote in the New York Times.

It screens Thursday 3/17 at 6 PM in the weekly Conversations at the Edge series at the Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State. Springer and critic Brian Holmes will hold a postscreening discussion.

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