Twitter conversation I had during the first Cubs loss:

whet maddux in relief. that’s moving.

nocoastoffense @whet the maddux in relief, i am convinced, was psyops vs cubs fans. joe torre didn’t get in that bigelow green tea ad by being soft

whet @nocoastoffense yeah, you’re right. clever that torre was like ‘i will hoist them with their own tragic history’

The Twitter crosstalk during Cubs games is deafening, which confirms all my suspicions about Cubs privilege in this town.

Update: More wisdom from nocoastoffense:

whet it’s not even tragic. it’s just a shitbeating so far. the distribution of errors across the cubs infield last night was sort of the ultimate insult

nocoastoffense yeah, it’s like at the end of hamlet laertes just shot hamlet in the chest and walked away

Full disclosure: I’m a Cardinals fan with an Ozzie autographed baseball and Starting Lineup figure on my desk and the David Eckstein WS SI cover on my wall. My fiancee is from Beverly and her family does a Sox season-ticket share; her dad was on the field after the Sox beat the Astros. So I’m at the best of times ambivalent towards the Cubs.