I don’t pretend to know what goes on behind Doom‘s mask, so I can’t say if he accomplished whatever he was trying to accomplish at his Chicago show, where a likely imposter definitely lip-synched a short set. Who knows—maybe alienating his audience, pissing off his tourmate and collaborator, and sketching out promoters was what he was shooting for.

Local blog Idol Threat noticed that Mos Def is off the tour’s upcoming stops in Toronto and New York. Tomorrow’s show in NYC is straight-up canceled. Ticketholders will be able to get a refund, less Ticketmaster’s $5.40 “processing fee,” meaning everyone from the venue to the promoters to the fans—basically everybody but Ticketmaster—will lose money on the deal. The Toronto show tonight is going on without Mos Def, and refunds will still be available to those who opt for them. The promoters are also doing everything they can to avoid a situation like Chicago. In an announcement to ticketholders REMG Entertainment promised to check Doom’s ID to make sure that it’s the real Daniel Dumile taking the stage. If it was Doom’s intention to bring things down to this level, I guess he’s “won.”