The screaming headlines in Wednesday’s Sun-Times were misleading at best.

Page one: “DREW’S PALS WORE WIRE.” On page eight, where the story began, “DREW’S CHILLING ‘I SHOULD HAVE HAD THAT B—- CREMATED.'”

The front page was nothing but headlines. “Two of Drew Peterson’s closest friends,” said the drop head, “recorded months of intimate conversations with him for the State Police.”

Smaller headlines at the bottom of the front page announced: “On His Murdered Wife Kathleen: ‘I should have had the bitch cremated.'” 


“On the Investigation of Kathleen’s Drowning: ‘It was in a dry bathtub, what a bunch of idiots.'”

Wow! What else is on the tape? 

Apparently, not even the above.  Read the story. The dry bathtub line is something Peterson’s pal Paula Stark says Peterson told her in 2004, when Kathleen Savio, his third wife, was found dead. The should-have-had-her-cremated line is something pal Len Wawczak says he remembers Peterson telling him when authorities decided early last November — after Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared — to exhume Savio’s body. The story indicates that Wawczak and Stark (who are married) started wearing wires later in November.

As far as a reader can tell, reporter Joe Hosey didn’t hear the tapes, didn’t read a transcript of the tapes, and didn’t even confirm there are tapes, those spurious quotations notwithstanding. A token of the Sun-Times‘s meretriciousness is that despite the paper’s ostentatious claims that the story was a “Sun-Times Exclusive,” Hosey’s a reporter for Joliet’s Herald News, a Sun-Times News Group daily that also carried the story