The last time I wrote about electro-tribal popsters Yawn they were just a couple of young guys sharing a Wicker Park apartment with only a handful of shows under their belts but a lot of big ideas about where they were heading. And now look at them, all grown up with a video debuting on, albeit a video that if I’m not mistaken seems to have been at least partially filmed in the basement of that apartment.

“Acid” is a fitting name for the multilayered confection of electronic sounds and modulation effects that’s the first single off of their upcoming debut full-length, Open Season. The video is equally trippy, with the boys performing on location in what appears to be a warp zone from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can find that video after the jump.

Yawn will celebrate the release of Open Season with a show at the Metro on September 30 Schubas on August 30 (they also open for Mates of State at Metro on September 30). You can catch up on their recorded efforts so far by visiting the free downloads area of the band’s website.