You may remember the Reader’s 2007 cover story about Myopic Books owner Joe Judd, who after battling a potentially deadly disorder decided to pursue his dream of farming. He proceeded to find a spot of land in the Ozarks, where he also found, unexpectedly, a wife and daughter.

Judd himself recently posted a happy update in the comments section of the story. Here’s an excerpt: 

When I lived in Chicago I had season tickets to the Cubs. For some reason I would think about someday bringing my daughter to the game. Never the possibility of a son, always a girl. As time passed I realized that I probably would never have kids. After all I was in my early forties when I made the attempt to move to a farm and start a new life and with the much smaller dating pool (a small puddle really) the chances of meeting someone who wanted a bald, non-TV watching vegetarian, with a Chicago accent seemed pretty slim.

For the full yarn, hit the link above and scroll to the bottom.