• Hideko Takamine

Tonight, Doc Films begins their series of films directed by Mikio Naruse and starring the actress Hideko Takamine with the 1952 drama Lightning. It’s one of the most important film series in town, as eight of the nine features on the program are not officially available on DVD in the United States, and there hasn’t been a substantial Naruse series in Chicago since the Gene Siskel Film Center hosted one six years ago. Longtime readers of the Reader should recognize his name: our first two senior film critics Dave Kehr and Jonathan Rosenbaum are both big fans (there’s an excellent piece on Naruse in Kehr’s book When Movies Mattered and you can read a fine essay by Rosenbaum here) and many other critics consider him an equal to Japanese masters like Kenji Mizoguchi, Akira Kurosawa, and Yasujiro Ozu.