Sensory overload care of Otto Splotch.
  • Sensory overload, care of Otto Splotch

For the past few years Bitchpork has run the same weekend as Pitchfork, providing a gnarly alternative to the comparatively mainstream festival lineup. During its run the three-day megafest, hosted in warehouses and basements around town, has featured weirdo punk and noise acts from all over the country, at one point highlighted by an insane secret Lightning Bolt set. Bitchpork isn’t returning this year, but something even better is swooping in to take its place: Rotted Tooth Fest, put on by Oozing Wound drummer Kyle Reynolds and his record label, Rotted Tooth Recordings. The festival runs on Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20, in a top-secret location you’ll be tipped off to via e-mail only after buying tickets from either Rotted Tooth or Permanent Records. The lineup, which showcases a lot of acts that have received Reader coverage, is largely built from, but not limited to, the Rotted Tooth roster. Check it out after the jump.