• Courtesy of the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art
  • This breakfast rocks.

Every so often we ask you to show us something. This week it’s Sylvia Josefek’s food-shaped rocks.

“The Rock Cafe” is serving up some seriously solid foods at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art through June 7. Among the three meals on display is the “Paul Bunyan breakfast,” which includes bacon made of onyx marble, sunny-side up eggs, the yolks of which are Mexican onyx, and a side of aragonite grits. For a midday snack: fruit salad (more Mexican onyx), cheese (feldspar), and to wash it all down a glass of ice water (calcite stands in for the cubes). The decadent dinner course consists of caviar (black onyx) with crackers (quartzite), steak (petrified wood), spinach souffle (jasper), and a dessert of gelatin squares (fluorite).

Despite being made of completely inedible shaped and polished stones, “The Rock Cafe” looks quite delectable, so much so that the museum once hung a sign carrying a half-serious warning: “Eating rocks will lead to broken teeth!”

The exhibit is the creation of the late Sylvia Josefek, a longtime resident of North Riverside who along with her husband, Paul, a fellow lapidary, was active in the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois. Vacations with the kids to national parks often doubled as rock hunts.

“This exhibit is a great example of the work of a true lapidary,” LMLA director Dorothy Asher says of “The Rock Cafe.” “Lapidary people see things in rocks. They have a creative side that comes out—but instead of painting or something, rocks are their medium.”

When Josefek passed away at the age of 87 in January 2008, her children donated “The Rock Cafe” to the LMLA, where it’s displayed every couple of years. “It’s tremendously engaging to people,” Asher says. “There’s just this fascination that rocks can look like food.”

“The Rock Cafe” will soon compete for eyeballs with the splashy exhibition “Chicago’s Championship Rings,” a display of Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, and Sox title bling opening March 24.

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