The draft food truck ordinance that went out to all 50 City Council members this morning isn’t exactly beach reading, but here it is (PDF).

It’s essentially an amendment to the existing language in the city municipal code governing food establishments that will allow the cooking of fresh food onboard inspected and licensed “Mobile Food Facilities.”

A few key points:

*There’s a provision specifically stating that it has nothing to do with the sale of fresh fruit or vegetables—which is regulated under a separate peddlers’ license—presumably to distance it from any issues regarding the regulation of eloteros.

*The City Council would be able to prohibit the number of licenses issued in “specified areas of the city in the interest of preserving public health and safety or avoiding traffic congestions.”

*It allows food trucks licensed in other cities to apply for Chicago licenses.

*It prohibits trucks from parking within 200 feet of competing brick-and-mortar restaurants and within 100 feet of any restaurant without written permission from the owner (i.e. Don’t park your taco truck near La Pasadita. Don’t park it near Hot Doug’s unless Doug oks it).

There’s also a section establishing licensing fees, but that—like every other part of the draft—is open to debate. Remember, there is no vote on this today. It’s just the beginning of the road.