We’re lucky to live in a city where pretty much every weekend with decent weather you’re going to be more or less tripping over outdoor music festivals at every turn. But the basic format—local acts looking a little lost on a big stage, probably a performance by one or another of Scott Lucas’s bands—gets a little old if you’re hitting them up on a weekly basis. This upcoming weekend’s Found Sound Festival gives the formula a major tweak, scattering its performers throughout the Ukrainian Village and West Town and setting them up in mostly nontraditional venues. The name makes sense because you’re literally going to have to put some effort into finding most of them.

Most of the artists—which lean toward the odd and experimental—will be performing in yards, in side gardens, and on front porches. Weirdo pop act Heartichoke will give a mobile performance assisted by a “shopping cart armed with speakers and other sonic oddities,” according to festival cofounder (and new Hideout talent buyer) Michael Slaboch. White/Light and Disappears riffster Matthew Hale Clark will be hosting a yard sale alongside his set of acoustic slide guitar. Noisy locals Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan and likeminded Canadians Shearing Pinx will be at Permanent Records, which is offering maps showing who’s playing where and when. And everything wraps up with a performance by Judson Claiborne at the Rainbo, which will also host an afterparty.

The music kicks off at 1 PM with Plastic Crimewave Sound on a porch at Thomas and Winchester. Looking at the map it seems safe to suggest biking between locations. Oh, and it’s all free.