The Obama birth certificate madness isn’t the only absurd legal roadblock that’s been thrown up for the incoming president–Hillary will have to take a pay cut as Secretary of State to get around (or not) the arcane emoluments clause of the Constitution. Basically, a member of Congress can’t move into a higher-paying federal job that was created while he or she was in office, or a job for which the salary has gone up during such time. The purpose is to keep Congress from making sinecures for themselves, but the way the clause is written might, no joke, make the nomination unconstitutional. The discussion over at the Volokh Conspiracy is pretty interesting.

Anyway, a commenter at Balloon Juice made the following brilliant suggestion: “Obama could simply declare Hillary to be an enemy combatant. That way the constitution won’t apply to her.”

Genius. There’s your answer for the birth-certificate madness–Obama admits he’s a terrorist, gets to be president, and everybody wins.