The University of Chicago just got a $100 million gift from an anonymous donor to eliminate debt for students with family incomes under $60,000. This morning, I woke up to find a conspiracy theory on Facebook from friend and occasional commenter Morcy.

In reality, it can’t be Ahmed Chalabi, since the anonymous donor graduated during the 1980s (Chalabi got his degree in the 1970s) and came from a “modest” background (Chalabi comes from an elite Baghdad family). But you can’t blame U of C students for being paranoid, what with the school’s rich history of trying to destroy the world.

There’s a well-known T-shirt, still sold on campus, that advertises the school as being the place “where the end of the world began,” in reference to Enrico Fermi’s having staged the first nuclear chain reaction on campus. To me the shirt doesn’t do justice to the current involvement of profs and alumni in everything terrible about the world today — vid. Leo Strauss, Paul Wolfowitz, Tony Snow, John Ashcroft, Antonin Scalia, Kyle Sampson, and former Chicago Maroon editor David Brooks, among others. So a while back I updated it, though it’s missing some key figures.