“There are no scripts at Vocalo. There are no shows, no newscasts and only minimal preshow planning. The style the broadcast is going for is plucked from commercial news radio, which flows from story to story and host to host with such ease the transitions are imperceptible. Unlike news radio, though, Vocalo has no set agenda for its content—topics roll in and out of the broadcast at the whim (and, sometimes, panic) of the hosts.

“Seemingly in a scramble to find something to put on the air, Perez searched Vocalo’s database of user-generated content, or UGC, for anything related to socialism. What he found was a piece about capitalism, which was apparently close enough, because seconds later it was on the air.”

TOC profiles :Vocalo. I haven’t listened to it much in months; they seem to be reading things off the Internet more. But for your consideration, here’s “Poop in My Pants.” And “ANOTHER Community Message from Sam Hell.”