One of the only Internet time sinks that I’m mostly immune to is YouTube. I’m fine sticking with 30-second sleepy kitty videos and Watchmen virals, thank you very much, so I apologize if this Kutiman video has been a thing I should’ve known about before. But it’s absolutely wrecking my shit:

I haven’t wrapped enough of my brain around this to even start unpacking the socio-technological issues at play here. (To follow the “unpacking” thing into a luggage metaphor, I am still on the escalator heading down to the baggage claim and the socio-technological issues at play are still being loaded off the plane.) Two things I am sure of: one, if Kutiman pulled this kind of stunt with any recognizable musicians he’d be sued into oblivion, and two, Kutiman, not Girl Talk, is Steinski‘s spiritual heir.