Freakonomics coauthor Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and publicly admits to being bewildered by how The God Delusion could be a best-seller:

“I understand why books attacking liberals sell. It is because many conservatives hate liberals. Books attacking conservatives sell for the same reason. But no one writes books saying that bird watching is a waste of time, because people who aren’t bird watchers probably agree, but don’t want to spend $20 in order to read about it. Since very few people (at least in my crowd) actively dislike God, I’m surprised that anti-God books are not received with the same yawn that anti-bird watcher books would be.”

Does he think that it’s unbelievers who deny evolution and try to stop stem-cell research? Does he think those maniacs with box cutters on 9/11 were secularists?