• Jeffrey Beall

Who to cheer for Saturday—God’s team or the Patriots? You’ll be either faithless or disloyal.

Who to bet on is a different question. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are two-touchdown undergods—er, underdogs—in their divisional playoff game against the Pats at New England. I say take God and the points.

As for reaching the heavenly realm of Super Bowl champs—PredictWise, a prediction aggregating website, and Betfair, a United Kingdom Internet betting exchange, both give the Broncos a 1.6 percent chance of getting through the pearly gates. It’d probably be only 1.5 percent, but even in our secular world, God is easily worth .1 percent.

I’m pulling for Tebow Saturday, only because I’d like to see God against the Saints in the Super Bowl.