Rick Pearson writes:

“In the lowest ratings ever recorded for an elected politician in nearly three decades of Tribune polls, a new survey found few approving of the job Blagojevich is doing as governor and even fewer who want him re-elected.”

The numbers are lower than I would have guessed, in fact, really astoundingly low. Worse than GWB, and in Blagojevich’s defense he’s not knee-deep in a lengthy, expensive war of attrition that he can’t win. Besides the one with Madigan, at least. OK, he’s not knee-deep in two.

Here’s what I don’t get: Blagojevich is reviled. Daley wins with 71% of the vote (here’s an analysis of the ’07 results, in PDF format). Does fecklessness really make that much of a difference? I suppose so. Probably also worth factoring in that Daley is sort of roguishly endearing, whereas Blagojevich seems like someone who, if you are a woman, would ask you what your sign is. It’s either the hair or something he can’t help.