Despite what he claims, Danny Brown is probably not the greatest rapper ever anywhere outside of Danny Brown’s mind. That doesn’t mean he’s not very good, because he’s very, very good, boasting an eccentrically frantic flow, a surprisingly compelling tenor bark, and a faculty for deep pop-culture references—”I’ll throw you in the river / Hands tied tight / Watch yo ass drown / Feel it in the air tonight”—that would bring the snarkiest blogger to his knees. Brown’s from Detroit, where J. Dilla is revered as a god, and the beats on Brown’s Hybrid mix tape have a lot of the same psychedelic, blunted angle.

After the jump, catch Brown’s video for “The Greatest Rapper Ever,” featuring a guest appearance by a shirtless old man bending pipes in a kitchen. Then hit up Facebook to RSVP for free entry at Brown’s show Thursday night at Beauty Bar. Then, I don’t know. Do some stuff until the show. Jon Benjamin Has a Van is on Hulu now, so there’s like 40 minutes right there.