The Hideout‘s already pretty famous for treating their bands really well, but they’re stepping things up a little further for some Chicago acts heading down to South by Southwest. On Saturday, March 10, they’ll be hosting an all-day showcase of Austin-bound locals, and by “all day” they mean seriously the whole damn day. If you want, you could start off seeing Catfish Haven at noon and stick around all the way through to the 1900s’ midnight set and the Life During Wartime dance party afterwards. The $10 cover will be split up among the bands, who will also be getting a bag of groceries and beverages for the trip down. Throwing what basically amounts to a benefit for a bunch of indie rockers so they can go to Texas and drink beers and play for record industry people might seem a little lame, but for smaller bands, the exposure can be crucial to their existence and the trip is expensive. Shows on the way down can be hard to come by, as like every band in the country tries to book tours to offset the trip to the festival. And if you’ve ever driven through Texas, you know that having some road snacks can help you deal with the mind-numbing ride. Seriously, go look at Texas on a map. That fucker’s huge.

The showcase schedule runs like this:

12:00  Catfish Haven
12:45  The Narrator
1:30    Judson Claiborne (from Low Skies)

2:15    Tijuana Hercules

3:00    Josh Caterer (from the Smoking Popes)    

3:45    Redwalls
4:30    Prairie Cartel   
5:15    New Duncan Imperials     
6:00    The Race     
7:30    Maritime     
8:15    Velcro Lewis & his 100 Proof Band    
9:00    The Zincs    
9:45    The M’s  
10:30   Office  
11:15   Sybris   
12:00   The 1900s    
12:30   Life During Wartime DJs Mother Hubbard and Bald Eagle