Bummed out that the onrushing winter makes birdwatching unpleasant and relatively pointless? Well, if you’re planning on going to any indie-folk or psych-rock shows soon, there’s an easy way for you to scratch that itch indoors: The Hierarchy of Beards, available from TopatoCo in a handy wall-display format.

I’ll be watching in the sea of common “Bunny-Downs,” “Comic-Cons,” and “Patchy McGees” for a rare “Chilly Chin” or “Flapwings,” or even a “Douche.” A well-cultivated “Hoke-Troika” would be a sight to behold.

The big problem with the beardo scene isn’t so much the face foliage itself, it’s that too many guys think that just growing the stuff is sufficient. It’s not. Like pretty much every other human endeavor, the beard is subject to the dictates of style, and thus attracts the sort of people who could make sweatpants seem complicated and snotty.

(From Boing Boing.)