• From Eric Marciano’s The Age of Insects

If you’ve seen a movie at the Gene Siskel Film Center in the past several years, you’ve probably met Nate Cunningham. One of the theater’s longtime employees, Cunnningham can be found at the Siskel on most weekends inside the box office or behind the concessions stand. I’ve been saying hello to him for years; I know I can depend on him for a good book recommendation or a funny story about Abel Ferrara.

This month Cunningham takes on the role of film programmer. On Saturday at 7 PM at the Nightingale, he’ll present a rare underground film called The Age of Insects (shot in New York on a variety of video formats throughout the 1980s), and on Sunday, December 16, at 7:30 PM he’ll present a documentary about Lyme disease (Under Our Skin, from 2008) at the Siskel. Cunningham himself has been afflicted with that condition for more than a decade; these two screenings are to raise money for his medical treatment. I spoke with him the other day about living with Lyme disease and how he discovered The Age of Insects.