My new Sharp Darts is a profile of Henry Owings, the head of Chunklet magazine and one of the all-time superfans in the indie/punk scene. He’s long been a collector of recorded ephemera—demos, practice tapes, unreleased records—and for a while now he’s been posting some of them for free download on Chunklet’s Web site. Anyone who’s ever wished there were more Cupid Car Club recordings will be very happy with his work.

Owings is, among other things, a very gifted talker. Interviewing him was like loosening the valve on a vast reservoir of philosophy, epic stories, and equally epic shit talk—all I had to do was transcribe. Since we couldn’t give Owings half of the pages in the latest issue of the Reader we had to unfortunately cut some great stuff. Like this story about the Nation of Ulysses meeting Primal Scream: