• David T. Moss
  • Thiefs

Guillermo E. Brown was introduced to many jazz fans at the tail end of the last century when he replaced Susie Ibarra as the drummer in the mighty quartet led by saxophonist David S. Ware. He ably filled those shoes, appearing on all of its albums from Surrendered (Columbia) in 2000 until the group’s swan song, Renunciation (Aum Fidelity), in 2007. But during that time Brown actively demonstrated that there was a lot more to his game that muscular free jazz. Beginning with his 2002 solo album, Soul at the Hands of the Machine (Thirsty Ear), he displayed a sophisticated fluency with electronic rhythms—tapping into hip-hop, hard funk, and more abstract beatscapes—that only referenced his free-jazz connections tangentially, with tart horn lines blown by Daniel Carter and Andre Vida threaded through the dense polyrhythms.