Just because I’ve mostly retired from crate digging doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the efforts of those who haven’t. For instance, the sole 45 by early-80s British postpunk group the Jellies has become a highly sought-after piece of vinyl, because of its insane rarity and overall excellentness–Thurston Moore says he and Kim “ended up destroying our copy by playing it so much.”

But aside from “they’re very, very good” and “they sure didn’t press too many copies of this single” no one knew anything about the band itself. No amount of obscurity can stand up to the obsessive behavior of the DJs at New York’s legendary WFMU, however. One of them, Choking on Cufflinks host Michael Goodstein, managed to track down one former Jellies member and finally get their story. And then he posted just one side of that single, which is somewhat infuriating, but the group’s minimalist take on art-damaged disco is the one of the best things I’ve heard in ages.