Yesterday Lost in Translation-ending Scottish noise-pop band Jesus and Mary Chain announced that they’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their canonical debut Psychocandy by going out on tour. Their trek includes North American dates, one of which is a stop in Chicago on May 5 at the Riviera. Psychocandy is an album I love more for its sound than its songs—but it’s quite a sound, a thicket of hisses, squeals, and clangs with trash-lid drumming by Bobby Gillespie (who eventually became the mastermind of Primal Scream) and major-key melodies delivered in a slack-jawed drawl. Thanks to its cinematic fame most people already know leadoff song “Just Like Honey,” but for today’s 12 O’Clock Track I’m including my own personal favorite cut from the album, “Something’s Wrong,” the penultimate number and, at just a shade over four minutes long, Psychocandy‘s epic. Listen to it below and make sure to get tickets early for this concert.