The latest group to be denied entry to the U.S. for arbitrary and stupid reasons are faux rave-revivalists and indie-blog jizz-inspirers the Klaxons. Listen, indie rock: I know we’ve really been dropping the ball on actually, you know, protesting or doing anything about stupid border rules that occasionally mean some Arab guy gets turned away because he looks “terrorist-y” or is told that even though he’s never been found to have any ties to terrorism that he can never come into the country ever again, ever, for no good reason. And that’s fine. Whatever. But now the government is denying us the chance to see a band that we really want to see before we completely stop caring about them a couple of weeks from now. And if that doesn’t mean the terrorists have already won, I don’t know what does.

Can we get a little armed revolution in the streets, please? What if we turn it into a flash mob, and we all riot while listening to my “Riot Playlist” podcast on our headphones at the same time? Are you going to put your foot down now, or do we have to wait until they send Forward, Russia! to Gitmo?