At this very moment I am over halfway through the upcoming Ministry album, The Last Sucker, and shockingly, I don’t feel much desire to turn it off, at least not for any reason other than feeling like an ass for actually liking a current Ministry album.

Music-wise it’s incredibly solid. Sucker‘s supposed to be the last Ministry record, and Al Jourgensen has used the opportunity to revisit the best moments from his back catalog, lifting the best parts of his biggest record (Psalm 69) and his best record (The Land of Rape & Honey) and tearing them up tag-team-style with almost no acknowledgment of the absolute shit he’s been putting out for the past 15 or so years. The tempos rarely fall below breakneck, and the interplay between the drum machines and guitars has rarely been this punishingly rad. As much as I hate to say it, even their cover of the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” pretty much beats ass.

Of course, Jourgensen’s still got the heartfelt, bootleg political views of a 15-year-old stoner. Like, on the cover the “M” in “Ministry” is like a double anarchy symbol, and the “Y” is an upside-down peace sign. And the record’s all about how much the president fucking sucks. Like, it means something. Also, there is a track called “The Dick Song.” In terms of actual social transgressiveness, the album’s somewhere between people who don’t reuse their plastic shopping bags at Trader Joe’s and those assholes who think riding tall bikes is a political statement. Luckily, Jourgensen’s still using the super-distorted vocal thing, and has added an inhuman death-metal growl to his repertoire, so ignoring the lyrics is fairly easy. In the end, I doubt The Last Sucker will even blip on the Bush Administration’s radar, but Al’s definitely gotten the last laugh on me.