• Sam Ash McHale
  • Danny Maupin and Tyler Jackson

With the Late Late Breakfast, Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin have created an innovative game show/stand-up hybrid that takes place before most comedians even smack their snooze buttons—and maybe that’s why there are free, freshly made pancakes being served at 3 PM. At this month’s performance a roomful of nearly 30 comics attended the afternoon hangover—Bloody Marys were flowing—prepared to do their duty no matter what nonsense the hosts threw their way.

Between normal sets, comedians are assigned games at random (they also have the opportunity to introduce their own games), which might involve performing planned jokes while getting pies thrown in their faces or having blindfolded audience members try to pin tails on their persons. The penultimate competition (aka “On the Spot”) involves a pair of participating comedians writing entire stand-up sets based on earlier audience theme suggestions and performing them head-to-head (this month’s topics were bumblebees and sexual discovery). The winner receives the coveted Hall Pass, giving him or her the power to interrupt the next month’s show at any time and perform for twice as long as everyone else.

The Late Late Breakfast, which became a monthly showcase back in June, provides a breeding ground for up-and-comers, including Jackson and Maupin themselves. And there is an abundance of ambition and potential, though the concept will eventually need to be pared down—there were so many performers this month, the sets were initially capped at a too-short three minutes, then cut to two, leaving little room for jokes to develop. Still, the chaos can’t help but be entertaining, and who doesn’t love free pancakes?

First Saturday of the month (except for Sat 5/17), 3 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433, hideoutchicago.com, free