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  • Andrea Bozek

I’m writing to share some e-mail I get that is so dull and dispiriting I rarely open it anymore. If you’re not on the same lists, you’re not missing a thing. If you are and actually look forward to hearing from these people, you need to get a life.

The e-mail arrives from our two major political parties, who believe it is inspirational. Several years ago I thought it was important to know what these parties were thinking, so I signed up for their manifestos.

Things get lively around the elections, when the future of the nation is in peril and a check is desperately needed to keep America’s enemies at bay. But these days, my friends at NRCC Communications and DCCC Press are simply grinding out boilerplate. The subjects that appear in my mailbox usually tell me as much as I want to know.

NRCC is the National Republican Congressional Committee. Their e-mail to me on July 19 was titled “Bill Foster Wants Fewer Opportunities for Students.”