If money talks in the race for state’s attorney like it does in most other campaigns, expect to hear a triumphant roar from Democrat Anita Alvarez and a muffled shout for help from Republican Tony Peraica. Green Party candidate Thomas O’Brien might not utter a peep.

Alvarez, preparing to launch another television ad in the next couple of days, has collected more than six times as much as Peraica in campaign donations since last winter’s primaries, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Between February 5 and October 27, Alvarez raked in at least $1,225,142.35 in cash, in-kind contributions, and transfers from other political organizations. Peraica accepted about $193,813.

Peraica has accused O’Brien of being a stalking horse for Alvarez; they both deny it. But he’s either not raising much money or he’s not reporting it—so far, according to his campaign reports, he’s received a grand total of $420. He didn’t name his benefactors.

Maybe the worst news for Alvarez’s challengers is that she’s still going strong while their cash flows are slowing. In the last week alone she’s reported raising nearly $55,000 to Peraica’s $7,500 and O’Brien’s zilch.

It’s clearly nice to be a Democrat in Cook County. After winning the primary as a rookie unknown, Alvarez has received at least $126,650 from political players and groups like incumbent state’s attorney Dick Devine; former sheriff Michael Sheahan; aldermen Richard Mell, William Banks, George Cardenas, and Ed Burke; Burke’s wife, Illinois Appellate Court judge Anne Burke; state senator James DeLeo; primary opponent and county commissioner Larry Suffredin; county assessor Jim Houlihan; mayoral brothers Michael and William Daley; and labor organizations including SEIU, the Chicago Federation of Labor, AFSCME, and the United Food and Commercial Workers. A handful of suburban GOP groups and some trade organizations have pitched in $8,395 for Peraica.



CAMPAIGN HAUL,  2/5/2008-10/27/2008








 $    924,905.67

 $      170,856.00



 $      31,149.00

 $       10,812.00

 $            420.00


 $    126,650.00

 $         8,395.00



 $    142,437.68

 $         3,750.00







 $  1,225,142.35

 $      193,813.00

 $            420.00

 Note: Takes into account what their campaigns have reported through Monday, October 27.