Above the Law (“a legal tabloid”) has all the gossip on Cass Sunstein’s departure from the University of Chicago. Why’s he going to Harvard? For love, it would seem. The scuttlebutt, which has been going around the blogs and the Law School for awhile, is that Sunstein is dating Samantha Power (Men’s Vogue profile), who teaches at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and who, like Sunstein, is an Obama advisor. I haven’t read her best-known book, A Problem From Hell: America in the Age of Genocide, but I hear very good things.

For all the vague hashing out about rankings and hiring coups, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear such a pedestrian and charming explanation for the move.

Update: Power will be speaking next week at Harold Washington Library, RSVP required. Here’s a brief interview with her about her latest book.