CEO Juan Rangel during a news conference at UNO Soccer Academy

At the risk of sounding like and out-and-out sadist, I must admit to getting just a wee bit of satisfaction from watching UNOgate unfold.

As you must know by now, the charter school empire known as UNO has been under the gun since February, when Dan Mihalopoulos, ace investigative reporter for the Sun-Times, broke the news that they’d awarded millions of dollars of construction contracts to companies owned by various brothers of UNO’s chief operating officer.


I should say the former chief operating officer—because once the shit hit the fan the fellow had to step down.

That was just the start, as all the rats abandoned the sinking ship. There have been stern editorials by the charter-loving Tribune. Mayor Emanuel—once a big-time supporter—won’t be caught dead near Juan Rangel, UNO’s embattled CEO. Governor Patrick Quinn—a former UNO supporter—suspended payments on a state contract UNO needs to build a new high school.

Just last week, Quinn restored the contract, but only after Rangel stepped down from UNO’s board.