The 2009 Lollapalooza lineup is out and if you’ve got a game of Summer Festival Booking Bingo going you probably just filled your card. We’ve got blandly popular festival go-to acts (Killers, Ben Harper, Kings of Leon), a few old dudes (Lou Reed, Depeche Mode), a grip of relatively well-known indie acts (Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, TV on the Radio), and an act with a cult-y enough following that they can bring in fanatics with no interest in anything else on the bill (Tool).

A lot of people folowing my Twitter feed seem disappointed by how unsurprising the lineup is, which makes me think they’ve forgotten pretty much every Lollapalooza ever, and especially the ones since the fest settled down in Chicago. Of course the list of acts looks like the iTunes library of someone with OK-but-not-exceptional taste in music, maybe the girl who feels a little subversive wearing a Decemberists shirt to the office but isn’t so into it that she knows what “dubstep” means. That’s fine. The Vaselines/Black Mountain/Flying Lotus/Wolves in the Throne Room lineup I’d like to see wouldn’t move many $200 passes. There are actually enough good, weird acts here (Gang Gang Dance, Bat for Lashes, Miike Snow, No Age) to keep me occupied, and as has been the case in recent years the dance stage is packed with goodness, with A-Trak, Deadmau5, and Hercules and Love Affair set to spin for what should be an even bigger crowd than last year’s rave scene, which seemed to function as almost a parallel festival to the one all of the dudes in Rage Against the Machine T-shirts were at.

I will make one complaint about the lineup: are the only real hip-hop acts to get anything near headliner status the Beastie Boys and Snoop Dogg? Isn’t there someone available who’s put out more than two good songs in the past decade? (And I’m referring to Snoop–the Beasties have batted a solid .000 for the past ten years.) I hope whoever’s mom they handed the hip-hop booking off to was well compensated.