At first I liked the Real Tuesday Weld‘s The London Book of the Dead. The opening track, “Blood Sugar Love,” title aside, is a dark little slice of hypnagogic electro-psych that promised a lot of good things. Unfortunately, by the time I reached track five I’d already heard three swing-jazz-meets-sampled-dance-music songs too many and had started comparing the group to a combination of the Primitive Radio Gods and Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers, so I turned it off. That their album reminded me of the existence of such travesties is enough to make me resent the Real Tuesday Weld.

Then I went and googled Jive Bunny so I could re-experience “Swing the Mood.” I remembered it having more jazz than it actually does, but I’m going to keep comparing the Real Tuesday Weld to them just because it’s what they deserve.