According to this post on DNAinfo New York, tapes recorded by a wire-wearing informant that are being used as evidence in a racketeering case against Genovese crime family associate Carmine “Papa Smurf” Franco include segments where two alleged gangsters discuss the merits of punk icons the Sex Pistols:

“One of the best rock albums ever f—-in’ made,” a Genovese Crime Family associate is heard to say about “Never Mind the Bollocks.”

“You got that right, man,” another hood replies in a conversation recorded by a sanitation businessman wearing a wire for the FBI. “You absolutely got that right.”

“Man, oh man, ‘God Save the Queen,'” another chimes in, referring to one of the band’s classic songs. “F—-in’ great album.”

There’s not much to add to this other than to point out that the universe is an amazing place that will blow your mind out of the back of your skull if you give it even half a chance. If you saw this exchange in a movie it would read like the worst kind of hackneyed Tarantino ripoff, but the fact that in real life there were alleged mobsters discussing how great the Sex Pistols were in the middle of allegedly extorting a sanitation company is just magical. “You absolutely got that right.” Perfect.