• Patrice Wilson of Ark Music

I never really connected with Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as a meme qua meme. I’m more of a Nyan Cat man, I guess. But I’m fascinated by the song’s genesis with a weird and vaguely shady-seeming business that churns out teen-girl pop-star wish-fulfillment fantasies like one of those old song-poem factories, excerpt warped through the prism of several decades’ worth of MTV hypermaterialism and celebrity culture. Ark Music, with its unabashed hackiness and endless supply of LA lawyers’ daughters with names like “Lexi St. George”—which I did not make up—is the real story as far as I’m concerned, but for the most part Ark and its founder, Patrice Wilson, have avoided the spotlight.

Luckily journalist and documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson has convinced Wilson to take part in a doc on the “Friday” phenomenon. Not only did Wilson sit down for an interview with Ronson to talk about his methods and where he got the inspiration for “Friday” (spoiler alert: he wrote it on a Friday), but he also composed for him an original Ark-style pop song that’s all about going on Conan and being British and it’s amazing.

Part one of the “Friday” doc is after the jump: