U. of C. math prof Daniel Biss has been getting a lot of attention for his online fundraising success, but he’s not exactly an outlier. The Trib reports that Mark Pera, an assistant state’s attorney for Cook County, outraised primary opponent Dan Lipinski, the incumbent conservative Democrat, thanks in part to a Biss-like showing online.

In less inspiring Democratic House race news, the pick to challenge Peter Roskam, Colonel Jill Morgenthaler, former army spokeswoman and current Blago aide, had the following to say about the men who were tortured and/or killed at Abu Ghraib: “As people get upset about Abu Ghraib, one thing that should never be forgotten: these are men who have murdered Americans and would continue to murder Americans if given the opportunity.” In other words, she’s a way less appealing version of Tammy Duckworth, who lost to Roskam in ’06. Please tell me this isn’t a Rahm Emanuel Special.