As Mayor Daley proposed a scaled-back property tax hike of merely $86 million earlier this week, the second installment of this year’s bills was finally making its way through the mail. If you’re a home owner facing the hit, it may make you feel a little better to know that the mayor shares your pain.    

Daley’s looking at a second-installment tab of $7,099.18 on his town house on the near south side. That’s $1,141.71 higher than the $5,957.47 he paid on his first-installment bill in March, an increase of more than 19 percent. Just in case you’re bad at math, that means Mayor Daley will pay $13,056.65 in property taxes this year.

Wait till next. After Daley’s latest proposal skated through the finance department Monday despite some aldermanic grousing, the City Council is almost certain to pass the revised budget next week. And most of us don’t have the luxury of making six figures.