• Jennifer McLaughlin
  • Bleaaarghh!

The august Jeff Ruby at Chicago magazine has organized a Michelin Betting Pool among the city’s food critics. He asked us to predict which restaurants will get three and two stars (damn the one stars), and to guess the total number of restaurants that will receive stars.

Meanwhile, there’s a guy on Yelp who’s claiming that some books went out early and that he knows the results (note he doesn’t actually say he has the book himself). If he’s right, as a group we’re all pretty lousy at predicting the aesthetics of French tire manufacturers. We won’t know for sure until Wednesday.

For what it’s worth, my picks are below. I’m betting Michelin, which wants to sell lots of books and doesn’t want a repeat of the frosty reception it received in New York and LA, will award just as many two stars to Chicago restaurants as it did to New York (playing on a perceived Second City inferiority complex), and almost as many restaurants total. Feel free to tell me how full of it I am.