Our long national nightmare is not over.  Hugh Hewitt solidifies his wingnut credentials very early this morning by blaming the Republican debacle on John McCain (you know, the guy who’s been president the last six years) and by floating the notion that Rick “41 percent” Santorum is “now available for a seat on the SCOTUS should one become available.”

Democrats need to be strong on law enforcement, says Billmon at Whiskey Bar: “Oversight hearings and subpoenas to appear are all well and good, but what we really need to see is a heap of good old-fashioned law enforcement. I want to see the Rovians testifying in courtrooms, not hearing rooms.”

Brendan Nyhan catches Tom “Moral Clarity” DeLay in an early-morning lie on CNN.

No ideology please, we’re Americans.  Minimum-wage hikes passed, and so did ballot measures limiting eminent domain. Details here; the beginnings of some (right-leaning) analysis here. Also, Andrew Sullivan highlights the AP’s summary of the Christianists’ defeat: “South Dakota rejected a law that would have banned virtually all abortions, Arizona became the first state to defeat an amendment to ban gay marriage, and Missouri approved a measure backing stem cell research.”

Assemble the circular firing squad! Tom Roeser gloats a bit over Republican Judy Baar Topinka’s defeat in the gubernatorial race: “Social conservatives now have a chance to redeem a party that began its decline with the machinations of Jim Thompson.” Yeah, that’s decline, all right — Illinois’ longest-serving governor, followed by his hand-picked successor for two terms.

Nancy Pelosi became the first female and Italian American Speaker of the House, and Alabama elected its first woman chief justice of the state supreme court. (Hat tip to Kay Steiger at TAPPED.)